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  1. 4 Ways to GPS Track a Cell Phone - wikiHow
  2. Hoverwatch software is created to collect information about the location of the phone.
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Features -Real-time location tracking and Geo-fencing. Pros -Lets you ban all the harmful content. Cons -It drains the battery faster. Part 3: Glympse If you are looking for a GPS tracker app that offers you the best tracking solutions, look no further than Glympse. Features -It perfectly runs in the background hence maintaining an active radar connection always. Cons -Only a few people you share information with are able to track you. Price: Free for use. Features -It comes with a real-time update feature that keeps you updated just in case your devices get lost.

Pros -It provides you with real-time tracking.

4 Ways to GPS Track a Cell Phone - wikiHow

Cons -Most of the instructions are in Mexican and Spanish hence making it hard for non-Mexicans to use the app due to the language barrier. Price: Free of charge on Play Store. Part 5: My Family GPS Tracker My Family GPS locator not only does it give you the opportunity to keep track of your family members, but it also allows you to track their moves as long as they have an activated phone with them.

Features -It comes with an end-to-end communication feature which simplifies tracking. Pros -No reference or personal data is required when downloading and using this app.

Hoverwatch software is created to collect information about the location of the phone.

Cons -VoIP connections can get stalled without warning. Price: Free of charge. Features -With the SOS function, you can send an alarm when in dire need of help. Pros -You can view the location time of your device by going back to the location history.

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Price: Free for download and use. Features -It comes with an up-to-date live vector map and satellite imagery. Pros -Unlike other GPS tracking apps, you can book a nearby hotel with this app. Cons -It is only available on the iOS platform. Features -It comes with a state-of-the-art GPS tracker. Pros -The company has been around for five years hence you are guaranteed maximum services.

Cons -Tracking is at times affected by weather and buildings. Part 9: xFi Locator The xFi Locator GPS cell phone tracker app is a multi-functional app that provides you with incredible flexibility when it comes to tracking your lost device. Features -This app works hand in hand with Google maps to offer you precise locations of your missing device. Pros -It supports multiple accounts for multiple devices.

Cons -Personal details are required upon downloading this app. Price: Free of charge on both iOS and Android operating systems. Features -It comes with a regularly updated real-time location update.

How To Track A Phone Number: The Definitive Guide

Cons -The free version is full of annoying ads. All Topics Best Tracker Apps 1. Top Free iPhone Tracking Apps 2.

Top Android Location Tracking Apps 4. Top 5 Call Tracker Apps for Android Best Android Phone Tracker Apps of Best Kid Tracker Apps 2. Top 10 Fitness Trackers for Kids 4. Spouse- you might be thinking how could my spouse be one among the three. It is because of the fact that the spouse loses interest when nothing is going well, especially, when you become the reason.

So, when you find your spouse is talking less, showing less interest, or taking you for granted, then do try the tracking application. No one would ever wish to spoil their relationship for a creepy reason, so if you are experiencing something like that, take the help of XySpy. There could be numerous reasons to track locations but the most common among them are these three.

GPS Location Tracking On Phone

People mostly use it not only due to the high offering of features and benefits but also due to the fact that it is not like other applications which charge weekly for using features. It does not drain your cell phone battery and there is no slowing down of your cell phone functioning. Install XySpy App. The most amazing and exciting tracking feature of XySpy is easy to use when it comes to tracking live locations. Since it is the most famous and widely been used application, it is compatible with both iPhone and Android.

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Track Cell Phone Location Online

The application is built with maximum features and benefits so as to ensure that it operates fast thus giving reliable results. This way you will be able to get the exact location of your employee, spouse or kid without scratching your head thinking where they might be at this moment. Know you track cell phone location using XySpy. User Review 4. Buy now.